Lichen nitidus is a condition in which small (pinhead size; 1-3 mm) shiny, skin colored, bumps or papules cover the skin surface, often appearing in groups or clusters. The cause of lichen nitidus is unknown. It is primarily seen on the torso, arms and legs and genitalia but can be on any skin surface. Lesions may develop in areas of injury to the skin resulting in linear patterns (Kobner phenomena). It can occur in anyone but is usually seen in children and young adults.

While the appearance of these lesions can be quite distressing, especially to parents, the condition itself is not dangerous or a sign of a more serious malady. Generally no treatment is needed and the condition will resolve on its own. The length of time needed for remission is variable and will depend on the patient and the amount of skin surface involved. If treatment is desired some of the therapies include topical and/or systemic corticosteroids, ultraviolet light therapy, topical or oral retinoids and others but again generally no treatment is needed.