New York’s Leading Dermatologist

Larry Jaeger is a New York Dermatologist with over 25 years of experience treating patients with all forms of Dermatologic disease. A consummate professional, he has successfully treated patients suffering from Dermatological disorders such as Cyts, Warts, Vitilgo, Hair Loss, and Psoriasis. Larry Jaeger founded Advanced Dermatology Associates, a network of Dermatology treatment centers that has grown into the largest network of Dermatologic care facilities in The Bronx. The medical professionals at Advanced Dermatology Associates are Board Certified Dermatologists who have more than 100 years of combined experience.

Larry Jaeger is recognized as a leading New York City Dermatologist. His unique approach of determining the underlying root cause of the disorder and not just treating the symptoms has gained him the trust and admiration of both patients and peers. Dedicated to providing his patients the best care possible, Larry Jaeger researched and developed an original line of Dermatologic skin care medications called Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives. Formulated with natural ingredients such as caffeine and green tea polyphenols, the creams, ointments, scrubs, and moisturizers are non-comodogenic and have recently been reformulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients. Originally available only to patients of Dr. Larry Jaeger, Advanced Dermatology Prescriptives are now widely available online.

NYC Dermatologist: Advanced Dermatology Online Store

Dr. Larry Jaeger continues to provide the latest, most advanced therapies and treatments for his patients. He recently invested in cutting edge centrifuges that are necessary to create the Platelet Rich Plasma used in PRP therapy for hair rejuvenation. PRP therapy for hair loss is an all natural, completely non-invasive, safe procedure for treating patients suffering from Alopecia and other hair loss disorders. Injecting Platelet Rich Plasma created from a patient’s own blood into the treatment area stimulates inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth stage.

Larry Jaeger understands the economics of running a successful medical practice. As a successful business owner he decided to share his business acumen by creating Prestige Healthcare Management Group. Prestige Healthcare provides medical real estate acquisition, financing and management for physicians and healthcare providers.

Dr. Larry Jaeger is a member of the following organizations:

American Osteopathic Association

American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

American Medical Association

American Phlebotomy Association

Internal Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons