Dr. Larry Jaeger of Larchmont, New York, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease related to the skin, hair and nails. Trained in medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, he sees and treats his patients for a wide variety of skin problems from his Advanced Dermatology Clinics found throughout the New York area.

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NYC Dermatology Clinic: Skin Care 10019About Advanced Dermatology Associates:

“Here at Advanced Dermatology Associates, the patient truly comes first. It starts with having a medically trained and certified team who are passionate about caring for the needs of our community – and performing it with a superior level of respect and courtesy which everyone deserves. We take no shortcuts in doing the right thing for our patients. It’s because of that, we’ve been become the ‘leading Dermatology provider’ for over twenty-five years!” states Dr. Lawrence Jaeger.”

At Advanced Dermatology Associates the physicians are all University affiliated, board certified and hold teaching positions at the finest hospitals in New York City. Totaling over 100 years of combined healthcare experience, Dr. Jaeger and the medical team at Advanced Dermatology Associates are proven leaders in the field of dermatology and are frequently visible on the national healthcare lecture-circuit.

Whether through teaching or lecturing, our medical team is directly impacting the future of dermatology and skincare by making the most up-to-date medical techniques available to all industry peers. Since 1991, we have proudly served the community for over 25 years of providing Medical, Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatology.

The following represent some of the qualities that separate us from our competitors:

  • – We offer same day appointments
  • – Day, evening, and weekend appointments are also available
  • – We use state of the art equipment, techniques, and treatments
  • – We accept all HMO’s, PPO’s, insurance, union plans, Medicare, and Medicai

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NYC Dermatology Clinic: STD Testing & Treatment CenterAbout Central Park Medical Associates:

is a “state of the art” multi-medical facility located in Midtown Manhattan (at 200 Central Park South, Suite 107) specializing in discrete, private yet expert diagnosis & treatment of all Sexual Transmitted Diseases and Infections (STD’s/STI’s). Under the medical direction of Lawrence Jaeger, MD you will always be treated with the highest level of respect and courtesy you deserve by our professional and medically trained staff. For over twenty-five years, our team has been providing New York with the best in same-day testing, treatment and medical services.

Hours of Operation: MONDAY – FRIDAY | 9am – 8pm

Location: 200 Central Park South, Suite 107

Contact: 212. 246-0800 

Email: stdtestingandtreatment@gmail.com